One of the top concerns of active amputees, and especially amputees pursuing competitive and recreational sporting activities, is how to maintain a high level of activity safely and effectively with the use of prosthetics. Fortunately, the latest advances in prosthetic technology has made it possible for amputees to not only participate in a large range of sporting activities, but to do so competitively and with confidence.


Sports Prosthetics for Every Activity Level and Goal

Running, Sprinting, Swimming, Skiing, Snowboarding, Wakeboarding, Wrestling, Football, Baseball, Cycling, Basketball, etc. The world of sports prosthetics is continually evolving, with recent advancements allowing amputee athletes to not only restore lost muscle function, but elevate their limb performance. These developments have allowed many athletes to compete professionally, both on regional and international levels.


We can create a prosthesis custom to your sport

Below is an example of an aerodynamic cycling leg we made for a local triathlete. 


More Inspiration

We are here to provide you with a device that has an optimal fit and function for your desired activities. However, if you would like specific training, there are many organizations out there to help you fine-tune your abilities. From ones that help novice athletes and active individuals (Orthotic & Prosthetic Activities Foundation (OPAF) and Challenged Athlete Foundation), to ones that train in specific sports (skiing and snowboarding at the Adaptive Steep & Deep Camp, kayaking with Team River Runners), to ones that help elite athletes to a gold medal (Paralympics and Team USA). Whatever your goal is, we can help make it happen!


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