People who care

Meet our team of professionals. We have two CPOs, one CP, two technicians, one clinical assistant, one office manager, and one patient care coordinator.


Elliot Weintrob | CPO, President

Elliot is the President of OPC and an ABC certified prosthetist/orthotist. He serves as Vice Chairman and co-founder of the Virginia Orthotic Prosthetic Association (VOPA). Elliot has been working in the prosthetic industry for over 25 years, treating patients who range in age from 6 months to 95 years. For over 10 years he was a consultant for Ossur, teaching prosthetic fitting techniques and component design to other practitioners throughout the country and abroad. In addition to his prosthetic work, Elliot is an accomplished athlete. As a 1992 Olympian, 2003 Ironman triathlete, and two-time finisher of the Leadville 100 mountain bike race, Elliot knows first hand the importance of having an active lifestyle. When he’s not seeing patients, he can usually be found kiteboarding, mountain biking, or spending time with his wife and two kids.

Ben Koch | CP, Director of Prosthetics

Ben is OPC’s Director of Prosthetics and an ABC certified prosthetist. He joined OPC in 2005. In addition to his work with lower limb amputees, Ben is an expert in upper extremity prostheses. Ben prides himself on keeping an open mind and exploring the various prosthetic options that are available to each individual patient, always while balancing their specific needs, goals, and expectations. As an NCAA track athlete (with a 4:07 mile under his belt), Ben is particularly tuned in to helping his patients regain their mobility. When he’s not at OPC, you can find him tending to his chickens, horses, and dogs.

Jon Jaskiewicz | CPO, Director of Orthotics

Jon is OPC’s Director of Orthotics and an ABC certified prosthetist/orthotist. He joined OPC in 2004. Jon is a graduate of the College of William and Mary. He began his career in 1990 at Gillette Children's Hospital, St. Paul, MN and has since practiced in a variety of clinical settings. He has lectured at the Johns Hopkins University Department of Biomedical Engineering. Jon’s professional areas of interest include pediatric orthotics, neurological orthotic interventions, and geriatric prosthetic care. Jon loves to garden and work on home improvement projects when he is not seeing patients.


Sarah Martinez | MSPO, Prosthetic & Orthotic Resident

Sarah joined OPC in 2018 as a resident and is currently completing her dual residency in Orthotics and Prosthetics. After graduating from East Carolina University (Go Pirates) Sarah went on to study at the University of Hartford, where she earned her Master of Science in Prosthetics and Orthotics.  During her graduate program, she was able to travel to Peru with a team called "Dreaming and Working Together" making nearly 100 prosthetic devices for more than 70 patients. She is fascinated by the creativity within the field and loves how everyday there is something new to learn.  In her spare time, she enjoys teaching gymnastics, hiking and participating in dance fitness. 

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Alissa Costabile | CPA, Clinical Assistant 

Alissa joined OPC in 2015. She graduated cum laude in 2011 from UD with a bachelor's degree in Biomechanics and Motor Control, with minors in Nutrition and Biomedical Engineering. She received her Master’s degree in 2013 in Biomechanics from UMD. She became certified as a Prosthetic Assistant in 2018. Alissa’s professional areas of interest include human gait with prosthetics and/or orthotics, and helping to enhance amputees’ quality of life. She plays an integral role in creating a positive experience for OPC’s patients. Outside of her work at OPC, Alissa enjoys making wine, doing yoga, going for hikes, and cooking.


Mark Latta | RTPO, Lab Manager

Mark is OPC’s Lab Manager and an ABC registered technician in both prosthetics and orthotics. He joined OPC in 2002. Mark specializes in creative solutions for complex prosthetic patients. He derives great satisfaction knowing that he is an integral part of a patient’s success. When not at OPC, Mark can usually be found riding his tractor, taking care of his pet pigs, or working on his home in the Blue Ridge mountains.

Jeff Sanderson | RTPO, Orthotic Technician

Jeff is OPC’s Orthotic Technician and an ABC registered technician in both prosthetics and orthotics. With a background in custom fabrication, Jeff entered the O & P world in 2008. He joined OPC in 2015. Jeff is OPC’s master troubleshooter - there’s nothing he can’t fix. His versatile skill set allows him to tackle new challenges with confidence. If you hear loud music coming out of OPC’s lab, you can be assured that Jeff is the culprit.

Wanza Swann | Office Manager

Wanza is OPC’s Office Manager and health insurance guru. Since joining OPC in 2004, she has become OPC’s leading authority on all things insurance related. When it comes to health insurance plans, authorizations, claims, payments, etc, Wanza rules. Her attention to detail and knowledge of the health insurance industry allow her to skillfully handle complicated insurance scenarios.

Liz Teopaco | Patient Care Coordinator

Liz is the first person you see when you walk through our door. She has been greeting patients at OPC since 2002. With her warm smile and generous spirit, Liz makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable. She is humbled by all of OPC’s patients who she sees as strong, hard working individuals that have overcome great adversity. In addition to her work at OPC, Liz loves to cook and travel.


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